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We're pleased to announce that our video for Kiss The Sun is premiering on

Huge thanks to Liam Di-Lenardo and Glow Video for producing the video.

Here's their review of the single:

There's a glut of new psychedelia oozing out of every corner of the UK.

In a way, there's almost too much: the sound of bowl cuts nodding along to the blur of an effects pedal can lose its charm after a while.

The Watchmakers, though, seem to cut through the noise. The Manchester outfit's live shows are a blur of vintage psychedelia and a very modern belief, the unhinged charm of the Brian Jonestown Massacre matched against the songcraft of Temples.

Debut digital single 'Kiss The Sun' is out this week via Loaded Soul Records, and it's a blissed out introduction. Motorik rhythms grind eternal, while the soaring vocals seem to rise up into the rafters of a cathedral of noise.






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